The Summer Camps are back!

This summer, we're taking the little inventors on a visit to our Time Machine where we'll explore the origins of some of our everyday objects and think about inventions of the future. It will be 5 days full of hands-on projects ranging from assembling a safe to developing a stop motion video!

Location: Colégio Júlio Dinis (gmaps)
Age: from 6 to 12 years old
Schedule: 09H00 to 18H00
Price: 234€ 204* (5 days, includes 35€ of meals)

*preço promocional até dia 19 de junho
to buy individual days please contact us


The original price was: €234.00.O preço atual é: € 204.00.

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Summer camps

Juntem-se a nós nesta aventura pelo tempo! Este verão, os nossos Campos de Férias levam-nos numa viagem incrível com a Máquina do Tempo onde vamos aprender sobre eletrónica, tecnologia, artes, física e muito mais.

Vamos explorar a origem de alguns conceitos, desvendar os segredos de inovações históricas e utilizar essas aprendizagens para tentarmos imaginar um futuro mais colorido!



Let's start this journey with a dive into the world of electronics, from the beginnings of long-distance communications to the incredible range of colors that light can have!


Stop...Motion! On a day entirely dedicated to animation, we started by planning a video using photographs. Does that make sense? Believe me, it will!


This day starts with building a safe with an anti-theft mechanism! We won't be flying, but we will learn a lot about air resistance by building a catapult, an airplane launcher and a parachute!


Not one, not two, but three dimensions! This is undoubtedly one of our most beloved projects, and this summer we're planning for the future! What great inventions will the little inventors be able to make with this magical 3D pen and some filament?


Have you ever wanted to reach the highest shelf in the kitchen to get the last cookie in the packet? We're going to build a bionic arm that's sure to help! We'll end the day by building an elevator to understand the mechanisms behind the cabins and the cables that take us up and down.

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