The Inventors 2023 Summer Camps throughout the country

The Inventors Summer Camps have a super fun and technological summer program with the theme "Around the World in 5 Days" in various cities in Portugal, for children aged 6 to 12.

The Inventors wins Banco Montepio Acredita Portugal Program

The Inventors was the winning startup in the Banco Montepio Acredita Portugal program. The acceleration program, which continues the competition promoted by the Acredita Portugal Association, also awarded prizes to GoWizi, BeGreen, Hoterway, WhyWaste and Witseed in the different categories of the competition.

A new generation of inventors is on the way

It was 2016 when Manuel Câmara and José Malaquias decided to create an education startup that would take technology in schools in a new direction. Thus was born The Inventors project, which has now reached 170 schools and more than 2,500 students.

The Inventors: "The educational process has to keep pace with change as much as possible"

"Today's elementary school generation will face a completely different world from the one we know today. A world with much greater digital acceleration. Where the ways of working will tend to be different," confessed José Malaquias, one of the founders of The Inventors project.

Portuguese project wins European competition

The Portuguese project The Inventors is on the list of winners of the European IMPACT EdTech competition, launched in the context of covid-19 and rewarding innovative ideas to meet the challenges of distance learning. José Malaquias, head of the project, joined Edição da Manhã.

Children: there's a lot to learn between four walls

The Inventors educational activity laboratory seeks to develop children's skills such as critical thinking and adaptability. And it has just created the free online platform The Inventors Digital, with experiments to carry out at home in the fields of engineering, arts and creativity. The challenge can be to build a spaghetti tower or a small 3D dragon, made of paper, which always seems to be looking at you - it's the illusometer.

Creative Experiments to Do at Home with the Whole Family! The Inventors Digital

The Inventors Digital platform offers the most fantastic experiments to do with the inventors at home!

The Inventors Digital: the free online platform that occupies children

Find out how spaghetti, glue tape and absorbent cotton can be all you need to entertain the kids at home at this time of year.

E-learning? How to get children learning from home

Free tuition, remote programming and technology classes, and online platforms for organizing projects. Find out how you can optimize the activities of the youngest in times of quarantine.

The Inventors. In these classes they make robots, catapults and other inventions

They've been making and shaping gadgets for three years. In The Inventors' workshops, kids learn electronics and mechanics by building objects such as alarms, lightsabers and even electric guitars.