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Synthesizer – Tips and concepts

Tips and Concepts

All the musical instruments you know, at one point were considered to be super advanced high technology. Even the violin, when it was invented in 1530, was a huge novelty that changed the way music was made.

Antonio Stradivari is the best known violin maker in history, and was apprenticed to the instrument’s inventor, Andrea Amati. Today, the violin you are observing in the painting, could be worth millions of euros!

With the discoveries of electricity and developments in electronics, inventors around the world started experimenting with playing music with electronic components. Thermim is an example, which served to make very creepy music for scary movies.

Alexandra Stepanoff, played chilling music for several scary films from the 1930s.

In the 1950s programmable synthesizers began to be developed, electronic machines that managed to produce programmed music. They continued to be used a lot to make crepy music but it was a first step to revolutionize music. Now a days, practically all the pop music on the radio was developed with electronics.

Anacleto composes music through a synthesizer with buttons, or potentiometers or even on the computer.

The electronic circuit of the synthesizer analyzes the Anacleto’s input and converts it into electrical signal waves …

… Which are sent to a loudspeaker that converts them into sound waves, possibly the next mega hit of electronic music.

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