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Spring Alarm – Preparation


What do you need before we start ? Screwdriver – to help you assemble the screws on the spring.

Shall we start assembling? Prepare all the materials:

MDF – wooden board to assemble your alam.

Buzzer – electronic components that transform electrical energy into sound. They are used in alarms, computers and other gadgets where it is necessary to alert human beings.

Battery holder – where you are going to place the batteries that will power the buzzer.

Battery – they are the most generous of all and without them our circuits cannot live. Energy is stored inside each one in the chemical form, which is converted into electrical energy when inserted into a circuit.


Conductive wires or cables – s They are used to conduct electricity from one point to another. They consist of copper, a conductive metal, covered by plastic, often colored. The plastic allows us to pick up the wires without getting a shock!

Clothespin- wooden clothespin Did you know that wood does not conduct electricity? We say it is an insulating material.

Screws – they are connecting elements that serve to fix two or more surfaces. Here you will connect the electrical cables to the spring. Being made of metal, they conduct electricity, unlike wood.

Cardboard – a small square of cardboard.

String – string to attach the card to the alarm. When pulled, release the card and trigger the alarm

Double-sided adhesive tape – The adhesive tape is a tape … with glue. You can have glue only on one side, the most usual, or both, the so-called double-sided tape