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Spring Alarm- Assembly


Lets invent your own!

To find out how to set up your spring alarm you can guide yourself through the video or follow the steps below.

Step by step

Keep the 2 sides of the spring apart so that you can reach the hole in the end of the spring, from the inside.

Wrap the stripped part of one of the wires in one of the screws …

… and screw it into the hole in the end of one of the spring halves.

Do the same with the other wire.

Connect the red wire from the battery holder to the longer leg of the buzzer and the black wire to one of the spring wires.

Connect the remaining spring wire to the smallest leg of the buzzer, and the only one that is free.

Make a hole in the cardboard square.

Pass the thstring through the hole in the paper and tie a knot.

Secure the paper to the spring, even between the two screws.

Place the batteries in the holder. The batteries also have positive and negative poles. One of the bases is flat, it is the negative pole, and the other has a button or a bubble, and it is the positive side.

The battery holder also gives us clues on how to place them. The flat base should be on the side with a spring and the other base of the battery on the flat part of the battery holder. It looks complicated, but it isn’t.

Checks whether the circuit works by removing the paper from the spring. Do you hear anything? When the spring is closed, the screws touch, the circuit closes and the buzzer rings. When you open the spring, the screws are no longer touching, the circuit is open and the buzzer is silent.

This is the principle of the spring-alarm: when something or someone pulls the wire, the paper will come out of the spring and the alarm will sound!

Glue the base of the batteries holder to the MDF board.

Glue the spring to the MDF board.

Finally, use double-sided tape to set the trap in your room.

You can, for example, attach the paper to the spring and the other end of the wire to the door handle. When someone opens the door, pull the spring card and the alarm goes off!

No intruders will enter the room!