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Light Saber – Preparation


To build the best lightsaber ever you need to have all the materials you received with you:

MDF parts(wood) to assemble the box.

Breadboard – Breadboards are the basis for assembling electrical circuits. They are accomplices to some of the greatest inventions of all mankind, with engineers, scientists and inventors using them to create the first prototypes of their grandiose ideas.

LED – turns electrical energy into light energy. He is a true superhero, transforming the way we light up our world by consuming less energy, being cheaper than all other lamps and light technologies! In this case it will give light to your Saber!

Button – Used to interrupt the circuit and be able to turn any device on or off.

Battery holder – where you will place the batteries that will power the LED.

Battery – Batteries are the most generous of all and without them our circuits cannot live. Energy is stored inside each one in the chemical form, which is converted into electrical energy when inserted into a circuit.

Paper Straw – use the straw we sent you or you can try others you have at home and see the differences!

Ready? Proceed to assembly!