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Light Saber – Assembly


Even those who have never watched Star Wars know about the incredible light sabers In the real world no one has ever created real light sabers because our technology has not kept up with the power of imagination.

Lets invent your own!

To find out how to set up the Lightsaber, you can guide yourself through the video or follow the steps below (or, if you are really crazy, guide yourself through both!).

Step by step

Assemble parts A, B and C first and then part F.

Joint the breadboard on the wooden base (part B).

Place the button as you see in the image.

It should be centered on the breadboard and in a vertical direction.

The LED legs are not the same. They have different lengths and the largest is the positive pole and the smallest is the negative pole.

The larger (positive) leg must be in the hole on the breadboard just above the top right corner of the button.

The shortest leg is in the first hole of the breadboard, in the first column.

Take the battery holder and you will see that the cables have different colors. As in the LED, they serve to show the positive and negative pole.

Red is positive and black is negative. The positive (red) will connect to the top line in the upper left corner of the button.

The negative cable (black) can be connected to any of the holes in the column where the negative LED leg is connected and our electrical circuit is complete. When the components are connected to each other through a conductive material and so that they form a closed path, fed, for example, by a battery, they form an electrical circuit.

We still need to give it energy!

The batteries also have positive and negative poles. One of the bases is flat, it is the negative pole, and the other has a button or a bubble, and it is the positive side.

The battery holder also gives us clues on how to place them. The flat base should be on the side with a spring and the other base of the battery on the flat part of the battery holder. It seems complicated but it is not. Check out this image here:

Press the button and check if it is working and the LED lights up. If the LED lights up, you can move forward.

If the LED does not light, check all connections:

Place the E piece on the Saber.

Fold the LED so that it fits in the hole of part E and is “peeking”.

Place the straw on the LED that is “peeking” through the hole in part E.

Check again if the LED lights up.

Place part D and close your Light Saber.

It’s almost done… Release the artist in you and personalize your Saber. You can paint it or even make a collage!