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Electronic Cloud – Preparation


To start the Electronic Cloud you have to put together all the pieces you received:

MDF Parts – are the project support.

Breadboard – Breadboards are the basis for assembling electrical circuits. They are accomplices to some of the greatest inventions of all mankind, with engineers, scientists and inventors using them to create the first prototypes of their grandiose ideas.

LED– turns electrical energy into light energy. He is a true superhero, transforming the way we light up our world by consuming less energy, being cheaper than all other lamps and light technologies! The LED that we are going to use in the cloud is special. It is RGB, a three-in-one LED that allows us to obtain many colors from just three: red (Red), green (Green) and blue (Blue)!

Switches – Used to close or interrupt the circuit, thus turning any device on or off. In this experiment, they are used to turn the three colors of our RGB LED on and off at the same time, allowing us to make multiple combinations.

Capsules – They are placed on the switches and serve to identify them.

Battery holder – where you will place the batteries that will power the LED.

Battery – Batteries are the most generous of all and without them our circuits cannot live. Energy is stored inside each one in the chemical form, which is converted into electrical energy when inserted into a circuit.

Resistances – Sometimes batteries are too generous, which is not always a good thing. If the LED receives too much energy, for example, it can burn out. To control the energy that reaches the LED and prevent disaster, we use resistors. There are stronger ones, others weaker. The colored stripes help us to distinguish them.

Jumper Cables – Electrical cables are used to conduct electricity from one point to another. They consist of copper, a conductive metal, covered by a plastic, often colored. The plastic allows us to pick up the wires without getting a shock!

Cotton – Cotton is a fiber that comes from one type of shrubs: cotton. It was initially produced by the Arabs who used it to make paper and fabrics. The jeans in our pants, for example, are made with cotton.