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Catapult – Making it (en)


Let’s make your catapult!

To understand how to make the catapult you can guide yourself through the video or follow the steps below (or, if you’re really super wild, you can use both!)

Step by Step

Fit the wooden parts B and E together. The slot in part E should be facing the longer side of part B.


Insert the F parts at the ends of part B.

Now grab the A, C and D parts…

…and assemble them as in the image below. Notice that the A parts need to be parallel and that the C part at the bottom has to have its two slots facing downward, as that’s where the rubber band will hold.

Grab parts G and H, notice how they’re different.

Fit each of the G parts with an H and you’ll have two funny looking parts like this:

Grab the parts you assembled in the 2nd step.

And place it between the hexagons. Grab the two funny looking parts from step 4 and insert them in the “+” looking holes so that they also go through the circle on part F, to support the arm of the catapult.

Hold the rubber band on the hook of the arm of the catapult and on the slots of part C, as shown on the image:

The catapult is ready to launch the fluffiest projectiles ever!

Pull back the arm of the catapult, place one of the projectiles on top of the arm and release!

You can make a competition to see who can shoot it the farthest!